About us

About us

INTEGRITY & HONESTY: These are our benchmarks. Our home building company NEVER cuts corners and the homebuyer is kept well-informed throughout the construction process.

EXCELLENCE: In a culture that produces products that quickly break-down, we persevere in striving for excellence in all our work. From the foundation to the finish grade is exemplary.

QUALITY: Our mark of distinction in all our work, our team provides choices, and good quality materials along with impeccable application of those materials.

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Amerimex Homes Inc approaches the building process with great sensitivity and wisdom. While giving attention to detail in the process, we remain responsive to our clients’ needs, concerns and desires.

Amerimex Homes Inc chooses our sub-contractors, vendors and manufacturers based on quality, service, availability, follow-up and price. We hold our sub-contractors to the highest standards of quality work. In addition, our subs do an outstanding job in working with our clients directly. Our custom builders are flexible with schedules, change orders and always available to meet with our clients.

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