New Construction

Building Your Dream Home

Your new home is something you have probably thought about for years, long before construction begins. You’ve imagined family get-togethers, birthday parties for the kids, Thanksgiving dinners, summer barbeques. Being a part of that means a lot to us. We are ready to help you build a home that your family can fall in love with. That’s why, at Amerimex Homes Inc, we leave nothing to chance.


It all starts with the first call. Maybe you have purchased a house you want to tear down and rebuild. Maybe you don’t know yet where it will be, but you have a dream house in mind. Or maybe you already even have an architect on board and just need someone to actually build it. No matter. We are ready to guide you through the process. Once we have the perfect location, the real fun begins.


The financial aspect of building your dream home has the potential to be the most overwhelming aspect of the whole process. Fortunately, we aren’t afraid of a challenge and are ready to put the time in to help you overcome any hurdles that stand in your way. Because we have established working relationships with local banks, like Pinnacle Bank.


Before you hire a builder

The first step is to sit down together and determine what you are looking for. Even before you’ve hired us — If you have a location, we will go and scout the site free of charge, and discuss with you the possibilities and potential restrictions for the site based on its location. That includes everything from zoning and environmentally sensitive areas to neighbors and space limitations and more. We can help you take everything into consideration, to make a realistic assessment of the feasibility of the site.

If you’re still selecting a builder, we’d be happy to take you out on tours of our current, in-process homes as well as finished homes so you can begin to get a feel for what you’re looking for. Everything we do throughout the process will build your confidence in taking on the challenge of building your dream home.


We then discuss the price of the project openly and honestly. We embrace a culture of full disclosure – and will work with you to separately evaluate the price per square foot, the separate cost of labor, the cost of specific finishing details. Every aspect of your budget is broken out in the budget to help you make an educated decision about the kind of home you’re building, and to be confident it will fit within your budget. Refining your budget and wish-list really is an iterative and collaborative process and we’ll stick with you and your financial institution for as long as it takes to get it right.

Estimate / Pre-Construction

Once you decide that the project will move forward, the real fun begins. At the kickoff of the pre-construction process we will walk you through the stages of the project, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

By this time we have truly gotten to know you as a client. We have learned what you love, and what you care the most about. Our goal is to design and build a home that reflects your personality. A home that reflects exactly what you want. It is in this context that we feel we give a whole new meaning to the idea of a custom home. This is truly meant to be for you. We understand that this is a fragile process. We know how to be here for you. We have the experience and our role is to help facilitate, and provide leadership throughout a complicated process. 


Once the city signs off on the plans, the actual construction begins. The home construction process typically takes about 9 months, and throughout that exciting time, our goal is to ensure that you never feel in the dark about your home. We assign a dedicated project manager and superintendent for each and every project. We schedule biweekly meetings with every homeowner to check in throughout your project. You will receive reports from the project manager each week to review what has been done and what is up next in the process. This is helpful not only to you but for us to stay on top of all potential changes and help make key decisions throughout the process. You will receive a bi-weekly budget update to keep you informed of the current overall cost and help keep everything on track through the very last day of construction.

Our Dedicated Team

There are two things that set us apart from our competitors.

First of all, it is our respect for great design. We understand that what makes the home amazing is the little things, the nearly-intangible result of each tiny design decision made throughout the process. It’s about that feeling that you get when you see your ideas come to life. We are genuinely passionate about great design, and find ways to ensure your home lives up to your vision.

Secondly, it is our dedication to service. It is an easy thing for any builder to say, but a different challenge altogether to actually execute on this aspect of the project. Our team and our process are focused on getting every detail right. From the construction itself to the way the project makes you feel every step of the way.

To provide this level of service requires a great team. 

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